Posted by: victchin | 21/03/2009

Malaysian Dream Girls 2009

Finally I’m here laying my fingers on my keyboard again. Been really busy nowadays, due to assignments and mid terms. Went to Malaysian Dream Girls party thingy held at Mist Club Bangsar few days back on Monday. Got invited by Angela as she is one of the official blogger and she has got 2 free tickets. And suprisingly, I even received media pass for that night. I guess i will just let the pictures do the talking as usual XD



Click on the pictures for a larger view…

In the middle of the show, there were these 2 mini games during intermision period. One was for guys to do a cat walk and one more was for girls to….

The party was really successful, the crowd was great and the girls did great on their runway, it was really a good experience to have. Oh yeah, not to forget I went with them…




That’s all for now, gotta prepare for my presentation on Monday…signing off.



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