Posted by: victchin | 14/12/2008

Food fair and result of cleaning my room…

Yes…today is Sunday, Its a holiday as well as a family day. So I spent my day with my mom and brother attending a food fair organized by Narlanda Serdang, a buddhism club or something. So I was there to eat! In order to finish off my mother’s coupons as she has contributed RM50 for that. So just eat la!

This is the environment of the food fair…


This is my cousin FYI =)


Some lion dance played by the teenagers I think…


As stated in the title, where is the result of cleaning my room? Here it is…while I was cleaning my room I found this photo album. Page by page I flipped to the end, which leaded me to this


Those are us when we were in Fomr 4! Click on the piture for a larger size.




Gary is gonna kill me soon enough…*run away*

PS: Lynnd’ changed alot too…haha, see properly =P

PSS: oh yeah…I have sold my D40 so I am officially using D90 right now…lol *run away*




  1. Whoa!! That gary really changed alot lor~!! U told me he used to be very fat but I have never imagine that fat lo!! OMG!!! ahahahahaha….

    btw, why ur blog got snow flakes alr?? thought u said u don’t want geh?? huiyo…=.=”

  2. […] why can’t my mom cook like that? If she even cook at all that is. Btw, you might wanna check this out, Victor actually blogged bout me. […]

  3. i also dunno oh…in my blog got that option ma…so i use it lo…haha

  4. LOL. mcb. You think u look very good that time? PLS LAH SHAVE LAH! LOL!

  5. Cheh!! copy cat!!

  6. lol, dun MCB me…haha, i never said i was looking good also…hahha….shave? why shave? man ma 😛

  7. Ya wor…I thought it was MAN too!! But must leave more la…not that lil bit!! if just that lil bit, man guai man ma meh?? =.=”

  8. haha, that time still young ma…is like that wan la 😛

  9. So now let it grow la….ok?? I want u to be man man one!!! LMAO!! LOL!!!

  10. haha.. Wat r we doing there??? watching show?? i cant really remember tat~~ any1 knows??

  11. Dear,
    need to shave few times only nice wan…just like angel’s fur 🙂

    Hui Sunn,
    that time was “Anti Dadah” week so we were watching some consequences of taking drugs…some super-duper-disgusting-eww clips…lol

  12. oh.. when i think back about it.. i can totally have my dinner in peace later. UGH.

  13. good la if you can totally have your dinner in peach…lol

  14. Victor, have your dinner in PEACH??? =.=”

  15. wtf is “joy of happiness”? wtf dude?

  16. lol, sorry dai lou….suppose to be “joy OR happiness” lol…typo XD will edit when im back XD


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