Posted by: victchin | 11/12/2008


Yeah, today is Thursday and I’m on holiday! cause today is Sultan Selangor’s Birthday. But pretty sien also la, just off for a day then tomorrow work for a DAY then holiday again on weekends. Why can’t I off on Friday also? If I were still in high school…my school will definitely apply for one more day off for us =S but too bad, I’m just a trainee now so I don’t have annual leave to take unless I take UNPAID leave for tomorrow. So yeah, what did I do today? As promised, I went to Mun Yee’s house to fix her router security problem and before that, we went for our brunch first at this chinese restaurant BoBo in Mahkota Cheras. And I ordered this


After fixing her router, came home to tidy up my room as Chinese New Year is just around the corner…and finally my room is tidy FOR NOW…lol




  1. I saw my key on ur table~!! hehehe…=)

  2. yaya, your key…hehe

  3. my eyes geng leh?? Hahahaha…XD


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