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Its been ages……No! I’m not gonna begin my blog with that phrase anymore! So yeah, got invited by Gary Ng a.k.a Gnostec to this A1GP. He Wen Yi has free tickets so it is a must to go! This is my first time watching car racing live! So it is a very good experience. So I reached Gary’s at around 9am in the morning and we waited for like an hour for the arrival of the other 2 members Ernest and Wen Yi. So 4 of use left around 10:30am I guess, had our breakfast nearby and departed at around 11:30am. Reached there around 12:30pm or later, and we could already hear heated engine sound from our far away car park. Spent some time to look for the entrance and I think we used 30mins to walk into the Grand Stand. By the time we reached the grand stand, the A1 cars were already going into pit. The race has ended! Luckily it was just the sprint race, featured race will be in 3 hours time. So what do we do in the 3 hours? Let the pictures do the talking…oh oh oh, before that, I would like to thank Gary for the invitation.





As you all can see, the cars on track above were like freezing on the track…they were actually driving very fast just that I didn’t know what setting to set in order to snap it as if it is moving. So *shrugs* After the GT race, there goes the A1 featured race. The lengluis were all out standing on their own representing countries and I managed to shoot this…


Sorry for the picture quality, as my zoom lens isn’t far enough…so I cropped it out. =S And finally I figured out how to shoot moving objects =D





And of course a group picture before we leave.


Took this when we were stuck in the jam while going back and that’s all for the A1GP post.




  1. wow/~… dam great man!!.. car show.. hey.. the car really looks like a toy lar…

  2. what toy car oh? real wan ok? =.= lol

  3. u shawn liam’s fren?

  4. haha again, great photos! =)

  5. cis! delete my comments ni! hahahaha


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