Posted by: victchin | 17/11/2008


I took one day off from work on Friday, cause when I woke up early in the morning and getting ready to work. I realized that I was suffered in itchiness. Really couldn’t stand it and started to scratch here and there. So planned to go see doctor but mom said she has some medicine for me….so ended up resting at home and eat medicine. So while I was hanging clothes for my mom, I was distracted by this shinning sun which was on top of me. I then realized the sky was so blue and so I took out my camera and paid a visit around my condo area to shoot some good pictures (Hopefully). These are the results.



Went home with sweaty yet stinky body after that =S look that the sun, can imagine how hot it is?



  1. yeeee!!! why my name is not in the contact list yet!!!! grrrrrrrrrrrrr

  2. use the one the polariser tat we buy for you ka??? hehehhee.. look so fake lo.. hahaha..

  3. yalor… fake un till very fake..!!

    how come never update har.. i knwo u are workin ..but oso got to post something bah.1!

  4. hello victor!

    wow great photos! love them! =)


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