Posted by: victchin | 14/11/2008


It is pretty difficult to believe, I’ve been together with Angela for 2 years. So I got her this GUESS ESPRIT watch and paid another RM20 for another KIKO watch for my cousin. Dear, Happy 2 years Anniversary!



Went to Jogoya with mom, brother and mom’s friends. So basically, this is my first time going to Jogoya after hearing how good the food there all this while. It costs RM90++ per person and half price for ladies due to 3rd anniversary. Nothing much to do there except for eat! eh…almost RM100 per person…sure eat till you puke la. Luckily, one of the aunties has a VIP card so we got to eat VIP food. 




Check this out, one of the most “kengest” VIP food. The biggest oyster that I’ve seen…as huge as my mom’s palm. 


And guess what? Even cakes also got VIP cake, each of us only has one VIP coupon and so you can only eat one VIP dish. And we got to choose from gigantic lobster’s leg, gigantic raw oysters, and VIP SMALL cake =.= tasted the cake somehow cause Neilson’s friend chose that one, not really special though. I would rather choose lobster instead. 


And there is this little boy, son of mom’s friend. Really cute, whenever I point my camera on him…he will surely gimme the peace pose. He’s very cute and chubby.




  1. It’s Esprit’s watch…not GUESS watch LAR!! hahahaha….

  2. yes es.. i was about to say it’s esprite not guess… so big woh the esprite word there can write guess. hahahaaa..

  3. Ya lo…blind already ar?? Hahaha….XD

  4. oh ya wo! sorry ah….hehe


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