Posted by: victchin | 13/11/2008

This is just not my style…

Hmm…it is really been quite some time since i last blog, yeah yeah…i know the way i start my blog is kinda boring. Every time also “its been ages……….” but the fact is, i memang lama tak post ma =S. Orang sedang buat internship banyak tak senang tau? So if you read this post before, my dear said that she wants everything in pink…so does that include me? I saw all sorts of pictures in her post even a pink dog =S so just in case, i dyed myself in pink too…eh, not my hair okay? I will definitely NOT do that so instead of my hair…i dyed somewhere else =S enjoy!




  1. you crazy ad lo.. hahahaaa..

  2. haha…not crazy la…hehe, main main saja ma

  3. u know what, i laugh like hell when u realised that, everytime u updates ur blog, u sure will cakap ‘its been ages i didnt update my blog….’ LOL!!!!!!!!!! LMAO!!


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