Posted by: victchin | 03/11/2008

What’s the meaning of bored?

Well…well…welllllllll….I’m currently sitting at my place in my company (Continental SIme Tyre) right in front of my provided laptop which is located on my desk and laying my fingers on it gently typing these out. Sorry for being so crappy cause I’m am really bored! At this momment, I feel that me myself is just being so useless not doing any work in a company for the half-passed-day instead of chatting, read every single blog that I linked in mine and well, at least I thought of something which makes me feel slightly better. I read books regarding the Windows Vista which is arranged nicely at the corner of the rack and I’m still reading now! Yeah, that’s the new description of the word bored. Maybe Oxford Dictionary would bother to include my description in its example of “bored”? *shrugs*



  1. aiyaaa.. of course la u’re bored, u never come find me some more… but yeah, now im working and now i can feel the ‘the real meaning of boring life’ in my life… nothing much to do, sit or stand doesnt matter anymore axcept u really despo to do something to kill every single minutes… LOL hi 5!

  2. lol, go and find you also bored wan lo…hahha 😛 jkjk

  3. u can take pic with ur lovelycamera ahah . take with ur boss

  4. bring camera to work? you think your house ah? can let me simply take your “lovely” pic…haha

  5. think of me will be the best solution!!! hahahahaha…XD

  6. lol, cannot always think of you wan ma…cause im not day dreamer like yirui…haha, later really kena scold by boss oh =S

  7. think of me then cannot do work already meh?? Cheh!! so cha one…=.=”

  8. nolah, cause you are too good for me to day dream of ma…hehe

  9. Cheh~!! sweet talker!!

  10. okay lo…dont be sweet to you lo

  11. Blerk~!! Hahaha..see I spam your comment box until now got 11 comments already…lolx…

  12. yea la..spam spam spam…haihz…no choice, spamer =P


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