Posted by: victchin | 01/11/2008

What else that I’ve done for the month?

So what else that I’ve done for the month? Let see…watched plenty of choir concerts of the semester which is compulsory to attend in order to get mark for Angela. Yes, In order to get a mark for choir (a subject of Angela’s) she MUST bring a guest to be an audience or else she would be deducted half a grade of her subject. Isn’t it not reasonable? But I understand la…if audiences are not brought by the students “mana lagi ada penonton?” LOL!

And few days ago I had a photo shoot with Gary and his friends Kelly and Fanson at Cyberjaya then Putrajaya. So again I was the driver cause Gary doesn’t want to drive so yeah, I drove again. Our plan was to shoot at Cyberjaya as Gary has had a photo shoot in Putrajaya before. What an unfortunate, we really got disappointed by this Cyberjaya. We went to this Taman Tasik Cyberjaya, thought it would be nice to shoot but it was so quiet and yet not maintained. The dividers were all rusted, unmaintained grasses and even the wood on the divider felt off during our photo shoot. 

Even a grown spore on the wood. 

So after we got disappointed, and there we proceeded to Putrajaya. So just let the pictures do the talking…



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