Posted by: victchin | 31/10/2008

Where have I been?

Hey guys, sorry for putting such a long hiatus period on my blog. I’ve been really busy due to the short semester where you need you finished your semester in 2 months time, shortened half of the semester. So basically, I’ve just finished my final exams and my semester has just come to an end…and I’m free for a week till my 2 months Internship on this coming Monday at this Continental Sime Tyre in PJ. 

First of all, I would like to thank all the people who wished me on my birthday on the early of the month. Celebrated my birthday at Nando’s in Mid Valley with my family, aunt, and of course my dear.

On the other hand, I was also been surprised with a party by my friends in college. I was suppose to have a normal dinner with Angela up at the Langat Hill cause she wanted to. In fact, she was already “pakat” with my friends and meeting us up there. So once I reached, I strongly suggested that I would want to sit outside of the restaurant because the environment is just so different with the nice view of KL next to you but Angela insisted to sit inside and I really didn’t know why would she wanted to sit inside as the environment out there was so nice and romantic for couples, what is this girl having in mind? I wondered. Thus, we ended up in a corner which was pretty wet as in WET LA! She kept taking pictures of me with my camera and suddenly, there was this “Happy Birthday To You, Happy Birthday To You,” In my mind, whose birthday ah? (Oh, for your info, this was dated at 9th of October which is after my Birthday) Eddie appeared in front of me….

Yeah, that’s him but of course not with the shi* in his mouth appearing in front of me And I was surprised la of course with them….


No wonder Angela kept asking me to stop here and there during the journey up to Langat Hill, and even had a short photo shoot…

So just let the pictures do the talking for now…

And lastly, I would like to wish all the Octoberians a Happy Birthday! (Look for you name down there)

-2nd (Neilson)

-4th (Kok Wai)

-6th (Myself)

-7th (Susan)

-8th (Jack Tan)

-9th (Hoe Kee)

-11st (Vinci)

-17th (Jasmine)

-25th (Patrick / Papa)

-27th (Steven, Quin Nee)

-31st (Wei Chung)

And thanks again for the great Birthday Party Celebration, (Emphasizing on Angela)

Whoops!!! forgotten to post up my Birthday Presents! lol, here goes:-


Alright, that’s it for today…will update about the events in the month soon enough.



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