Posted by: victchin | 25/08/2008

Fireworks Competition at Putrajaya.

6pm 24th August 2008

*phone rings*

Victor: Hello..

Tasya: Hey, where are you?

Victor: I’m at home, why?

Tasya: Are you free tonight?

Victor: Yeah, why?

Tasya: Oh, thought of asking you go Putrajaya tonight to see fireworks.

Victor: Oh today? okay….lets go then

Tasya: Alright then, see you later.

I was supposed to stay at home to watch Olympic Closing Ceremony but brought to Putrajaya pulak. So got myself done by 6:45 and had dinner around 7pm. It was raining, waited till 7:30 the rain hasn’t stopped yet. Tasya called me if we are still sticking on the plan. I said it should be fine for me. Thus, we took off at around 8pm and reached Putrajaya PICC around 8:20pm. We quickly seek for a spot to view the fireworks as the fireworks only starts at 10pm. There were so many DLSR’s standing on tripods around. Almost all the spots were occupied. Fortunately, we managed to get a place for ourselves at the side of the walk. As we were waiting, rain poured on us from time to time heavier and heavier. Thank God the rain stopped sharp at 10pm. Unfortunately, it rained again in the middle of the show. We then ran in and got ourselves sheltered and continue viewing the fireworks. So these are the pictures that I’ve got.



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