Posted by: victchin | 25/08/2008

Sorry for such a long hiatus due to my assignments and exams. Thank god everything is over!

Went to Ipoh for holiday with my mom and brother, got invited from Angela’s mom. We headed straight up to Ipoh after I finished my last paper on Wednesday. By the time I finished my paper it was already 5pm in the evening. Went back home to pick mom and bro and reached Ipoh around 9pm in the night. Had dinner and chit chatted a while then off to bed.

The next day, we woke up 7am in the morning had breakfast and took off to Teluk Batik around Lumut after that. Reached Teluk Batik approximately an hour later. We played flying plate, so called sand castle and sand bury.

After all these above, we washed up and headed to Setiawan for seafood. The seafood there was really nice as Setiawan is so near the beach side. It took us 15mins time to reach the restaurant from Teluk Batik.

After our lunch, we went straight back to home. Basically we did nothing much on the next day, woke up quite late in the afternoon as we were pretty tired due to the day before. Just stayed at home till we went for the famous Ipoh Chicken Rice for dinner. And off we went back to KL on the very next morning.



  1. Thanks for story! Loved Teluk Batik!


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