Posted by: victchin | 17/06/2008

Sitoze’s 21st Birthday [at] Prince Hotel

Sitoze, well well well…basically he is my senior and the vise president of my club in college. He is known as the tallest guy in the college. I dun really know much about him actually, other than he likes gaming and pretty good in IT stuff. So I’m here to wish him a very happy 21st birthday!

PS: Pictures of the day are available for download in the grey share box on the right side bar..



  1. hey victor,

    can i know where do u post all the photos on your web page. can’t find it… thz
    by the way, nice collection of photos u have in your web page

  2. Victor thanks for coming and taking so many shots with ur wife =p, all the shots are unique and professional. Keep up the good shots! =D

  3. lol, nolah…not as good as your uncle..hehe

  4. I agree with sito.. victor, you’re a good photographer and i think u’ll make good money for being one professional in this field 😉

  5. lol, cant make it my courier la…lol, part time maybe la…hehe…


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