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Night views in KL..


Received a call from Gary and got invited to join the trip to the Eye On Malaysia. So basically, my classes end at 3.30pm on Wednesday and headed to Gary’s place right away. Reached there around 4pm and it started to rain…heavier and heavier. So nothing much for just 2 guys under a roof to do, we won’t gay around for sure but not a bad idea for us to hit the PlayStation 2. Played for quite a while and the rain is still hitting the ground heavily. Finally, the rain stopped! we immediately get ourselves done, change our top and bottom, style our hair…you know? By the time Gary unlocked the door lock and we stepped out from the house getting our shoes on, there it goes the rain again *sigh*. It was raining very heavily again and so, we sat at the corridor while waiting for the rain to stop. We waited for approximately 15 minutes until the rain stopped. So we went to Connaught to pick up Gary’s friends, Lin Xin and Hui Hui. We went to this Ulek to have our dinner. Got ourselves back in our journey to the Eye. The journey could just be described by one word, JAM! the journey was blockades followed by blockades as Gnostec said. Why? because that day was the day that the petrol rate being increased to RM2.78 per liter. All of the drivers in Malaysia left their house to fill up their petrol tanks before the price increases. Yeah, pity me..we got stuck in the traffic for almost 2 hours until we reach to our destination. So just let the pictures do the talking as I have crapped out so many things along the journey. Enjoy!

And a final picture before we left to the war of traffic again…


This is the day for our “Family day out” to Sky Bar. Went over to Angkasa Condo first to join the other members. Yirui, opened the door for me and she was still in her house wear, playing her laptop at the corner and Angela was in the shower while the other two, getting done in the room I guess *shrugs* so waited them for approximately 1 hour if I am not mistaken.

By the time they got themselves done, the clock has stroke 9pm and we haven’t even had our dinner yet. I starved while waiting =S Had no time to think of where to have our dinner. Thus, we ended up in Old Town which is just outside of the condo. Finished our dinner at around 9:40pm and reached Sky Bar by 10:15pm, around there la…forgotten to see my watch.

The view there was really awesome where you can see the KLCC twin towers at the front and KL Tower on the left. But I managed to snap on the KL tower only, cause our place was actually on the left side, front part were either reserved or taken.

Checked online that the place is being categorized as romantic, but the music there were just too loud and it spoils. It sounded like a club but it isn’t at all…clubbing music with no dance floor. Hung around there for like an hour till we left the place. Drove around KL for a KL one night trip as the night was still young. And, there goes another night in KL.

PS: forgotten to snap the environment of the bar, cause the night view of the city was just too



  1. wow love yr the Eye photo and also the KL tower 🙂

  2. lol, thanks QuaChee…could have done it better if i had a better inspiration in

  3. can u believe that until now ive nvr been to the eye on msia thingy??

  4. lol, drive there with your friends la…since you have your driver’s license already…

  5. Fantastic shots. Very classy pictures there. U brought out the true beauty of m’sia nite view. I hope u can share some of ur photography tips with me. :).

  6. Thanks WLS, nothing much to be shared. I just hold my camera with a tripod and thats it.. =)


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