Posted by: victchin | 17/05/2008

A step closer to photography…

Well, I just laid my foot into this freelance photography field. I’m actually working for my friend’s (Patrick) company right now, whatever business or clients he gets for his company that relates to photography, I’ll will have the job. I gave my first shot a week ago and I was shooting this speaker system brand Mohawk. The task was quite an easy one and my friend seems to be very satisfied with it as well. Unfortunately, pictures will not be uploaded here yet as the product is still under pre-launched period or else I will be sued if they find out their pictures of the product here. So yeah, there goes my first shot!

Then few days back, Patrick rang me on the phone and told me that there would be an investor who is willing to invest on a studio in his company. Heard from my friend, it was a fair deal and I am kinda okay with it as it has no effects on me nor my job. So I was asked to hunt for the equipments that are required to build up a studio. So went to hunt for them today with Leonard, the Tungsten lights that I need were unexpectedly cheap, they were just RM80 and attached on a stand or some tripod kinda thing. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find the casing for my diffusal. So after all the huntings, we headed to Uncle Lim’s for lunch. The noodle there sucks big time! but the “roti bakar” tasted not bad and I liked it pretty much. So after lunch, this Leonard was tempted into the Bread Story and got himself a few bites of bread. And we came across this bread which has a weird but yet funny name.

Is this with a spelling error? Or is the “e” suppose to be there? And It will sounds like Brad Pitt? The the picture should looks like the following one…

I bet this product will surely kena sapu all if the price tag is designed like the one above.



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