Posted by: victchin | 16/05/2008

Catching up with an old friend of mine…

Yeah, just came back from a “Yum Cha” session with Natasya from Old Town. Booked her since afternoon as she was quite busy for some kinda event in the night before this =S. Coincidently, met Samantha CHOW JIA ERN (hope that the spellings are correct) there, had a short conversation with her while waiting the “arrival” of Tasya. Time really passes quick enough, even my junior has already graduated from secondary school and now “orang study kat Taylors” kaye sangat -.^

There, finally Tasya arrived and chit chatted bout not-gonna-tell-you-stuff. So been discussing bout camera stuff and of course questions of camera from her. Shot plenty of pics there and I personally like these few pieces:-

And then we headed to a dark place to shoot some pictures, just feel like testing out my new babe.



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