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Redang Trip (Day 2 and 3)


*Phone’s alarm rings* Woke up 7:45am in the morning and got ourselves washed up and ready for breakfast as the breakfast period was from 7 to 8:30. So went to canteen for our breakfast at 8am and went back to our room to rest for a while and got ourselves changed into swimming wear and get ready for the second snorkeling session on 9:30am.This time we were brought to a place called Marine Park which is under government so a RM5 must be paid to go there. There, you can take nothing but memories and leave nothing but foot prints. This is the one and only snorkeling location among the 3 snorkeling locations which has a beach and a ground for you to rest yourself. So you can actually bring your camera along to this place but at your own risk. Camera can be kept by your tourist guide when you want to do snorkeling so it is quite safe to bring along your camera. As for me, of course I didn’t bring my DLSR along as it was too bulky for me to bring along so only Angela brought her compact digital camera. Unfortunately, no pictures will be posted here YET as the pictures are still with Angela so pictures of Marine Park will be up soon.

So stayed there for about 1 and a half hour to do our snorkeling and saw this gigantic fish which is around 45kg according to the tourist guide. I forgot bout the name of the fish so sorry for that. So after that, we proceeded back to our resorts and have our lunch.

The next snorkeling session was on 2.30pm in the afternoon, so we still got plenty of time to do our own stuff. We walked over to the next beach to see the different environment and did some shooting of course.

We walked over to the beach where the Hong Kong stars set it as their film shooting place before, and the film is called Summer Holiday, staring Richie Ren and Sammi Cheng. We were at the exact location where they did the shooting unfortunately, the exact beach house which they built just for the shooting was collapsed to build this new high class Laguna Redang Island Resort. But, the Laguna Resort rebuilt back the movie house with the exact architecture for rememberance.

We then walked over to a bridge which is just next to the movie house and shot this awesome lanscape.

After all the awesome time, we proceeded back to our room as the clock strikes 2pm. We were kinda lazy to go for the 3rd snorkeling session, and so we didn’t register ourselves for the 3rd snorkeling session. So we rested for about an hour in the room and we went out again for our selves snorkeling around the beach sides. When I stepped out from my room, I saw this gigantic spider building webs between the coconut tree and my sherley.

Doesn’t it look scary? eww…disgusting. So before we went down to the water, we walked passed by this shop that could rent out digital camera with water-proof-casing on. How can you not shoot some underwater pictures in Redang? So we rented the camera with the casing on and took really care of it cause if the camera or the casing is spoiled, I either have to pay for the water-proof-casing which costs RM800 and the camera for RM1300. So after that, we went for our selves snorkeling and shot some underwater pictures with fishes dancing with us.

After that, we heard that the other side of the beach actually have sharks, baby sharks I mean. They are just as long as your arm. So we proceeded to the other side of the beach to spot the sharks…and we really spotted them. There were plenty of them and so, let the pictures do the talking.

The sharks swam around me and actually eat bread. Hard to imagine eh? haha…we headed back to the room and took our shower and went out again around evening time.

Went back to our room again to rest and got ready for dinner, nothing much did after that…just went for karaoke and walked around by the beach and back to room and sleep.


*Phone’s alarm rings again* woke up early in the morning at 6.15am and got myself washed up for sun rise. I then woke Angela up, but failed! She was way too tired to be waken up. So I got no choice but to watch the sun rise myself…haihz…disappointed. So nothing much I can describe about the sun rise so let the pictures do the talking again.

So after the sun risen up, I went back to my room to wake Angela up and checked out after that. And so, that’s all for our so called “honeymoon” at Redang.



  1. bwahahahaha u also went to redang arr??? hahahahahahaa!!!!

  2. why? i cannot go redang ka?

  3. hi.. chance upon ur blog as i was searching for info on redang island. nice photos taken!! =)
    just wanna check with u which resort did u all stay? there are quite a few resorts to choose and i am not sure which will be a good one. i would prefer to stay near to the flimming location of “summer holiday”. “)

  4. hey mii, if you would want to stay near the filming location of summer holiday, i would recommend Laguna Redang Island Resort which is at the beach of the filming location. and Laguna is the best resort in Redang so far as i can see.

  5. ya! the Laguna is the best resort in the Redang! hey victor yr photo is nice and see clear, wat camera u use???

  6. err…just the most basic DLSR Nikon D40 with 18-135mm lens..


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