Posted by: victchin | 13/04/2008

Band Concert [at] UCSI

Few days back, The School of Music of the UCSI organized a band concert which the bands that performed were filtered from all of the bands. Angela’s band were selected and of course I have to go support her la.

So basically, I went to her condo first as I didn’t have much things to do at home. Picked her up from college right after her exam then headed back to condo. Hung around in the house, chit chatted with the house mates and waited for Angela to get herself done. Sent her back to college around 6:30pm and went back to condo to pick up Ling,Hsiang and RUI as well as Terry for dinner. Had our dinner at the nearby hawker center and “ta pau” for Angela as she hasn’t had her dinner yet.

In the middle of my pleasure with my meal, *phone rings* says: “Excuse me boss, you have a text message” (That’s my message tone)

Angela: Victor, could you please go back to condo and take my pink file? I forgot about my lyrics.

Me: Is there any laptop among all your friends currently?

Angela: Nope…

Me: Oh okie, I’ll take for you…

So I had no choice but to rushed up back to condo as soon as I finished my meal. The clock was about to strike 8pm. So reached college around 8:10pm and only I found out that, the stupid f***ing hawker center didn’t provide me a set of chopstick! Damn, how is Angela gonna eat with her bare hand? I rushed back down all the way down hill from Block C to the nearest restaurant called Samosa to get a set of chopstick as the concert was about to start. And there was this short conversation going on.

Me: *breathing hard* Miss, do you have a pair of wooden chopstick?

Miss: I’m sorry sir, we don’t provide that.

Me: *still breathing hard* Then…can you just borrow me a pair of chopstick? I’ll return right after I finished using it.

Miss: You want it for what?

Me: Duh! to eat la…

Miss: Oh, nah *pass the chopstick to me*

I then rushed back up the hill again all the way back to Block C. Finally, passed the chopstick to Angela. Unfortunately, the concert has started. The concert lasted for approximately 1 and a half hour and hung around in the hall for some photo session while the Gang went to the “yum cha” place.

Met up with them by then and stayed up till around 1am in the morning and off we went back home.

PS: the Band Concert pictures are available in the sharing box right at the sidebar. Kindly scroll down for it.



  1. this is not the ugliest pic lo.. i tot it would be worst than this.. hahaa.. papa still take the ugliest pic.. and you say fetch mama, ling ad thiery for dinner then me mana?? who fetch me go eat dinner? i fly there ah??? haha..

  2. ya wor, i almost forgotten about you…hahah! i go add your BIG name now =P

  3. hahaha…
    perlukah you jot down each and every word I typed in the message ar???



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