Posted by: victchin | 06/04/2008

Chamber Music at KLCC

Woke up at around 11am in the morning and got myself done right before the clock strikes 12pm. Delivered something to aunt’s house for mom and passed some accessories to cousin before heading to pick Angela and Yik Ling up. Waited for the two chicks to get themselves done, was suppose to meet up with another gang for lunch but as we were late and they were a little too hungry and so, we went to the well known “Pan Mee” in Taman Connaught while Patrick, Huey Hsiang and Yirui had Burger King to be more specific. We finally met up right after our lunch.

Walked around here and there and finally I decided to give it a shot of the humongous Twin Tower right on top of us.

Then time to head to the Philharmonic Auditorium for the Chamber Music, unfortunately photography is not allowed in the auditorium so no pictures for this. The Chamber Music only lasted for 1 hour as they were only 3 pieces of them. After the Chamber Music, I went for a shooting with Angela. She shot a few pictures of me, not a bad shot though. And some random shots of mine. Let the pictures do the talking.

I then went for a movie with Angela while the others went home by themselves. (Yirui, I wanna correct something k? I did ask you guys if wanna join us for movie as I’ve already booked tickets for you all, just that Patrick said that you were rushing home.) Watched “Nim’s Island”. The story line wasn’t really good to me and not as good as expected. The show ended quite late, as we were out of the cinema the clock already strikes 7:30 and I decided to give a shot of the night view of the Twin Tower again.

and of course not to forget pictures of HER!



  1. I love the twin towers pic that u took!

  2. which one? the evening one or the night one?

  3. I prefer the night one…hehehe…muax…

  4. yeah, me too =)


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