Posted by: victchin | 04/04/2008

Journey to the North once again…


Basically, if you’ve read this, you should know what does my title mean. Nothing much could be done on the weekend so I decided to follow Angela back to her hometown in Ipoh to pay a visit to her new adopted puppies and needless to say, the most important reason is to celebrate her mom’s birthday.

Went to Puduraya bus station to buy tickets right after our additional classes which ended at 12pm. Took taxi there and we reached Puduraya approximately 1pm. Walked around to seek the familiar bus organization counter and so we came to this “Konsortium” which we almost take this bus every time. Unfortunately, the tickets were all sold out due to this “Ching Ming” in cantonese. Not to say all sold but just the earlier time line tickets. So we got no choice but to ask other counters to get the earliest time (Alright, not gonna state down how many counters I’ve asked and time that we’ve spent) At last, we manage to get the 2.30pm. So hung around at the KFC which is just opposite Puduraya, Angela watches her video on laptop while I play my PSP. We then headed to the platform as the clock hits 2:15. Waited for about 5 minutes in the bus and off we went.

Never expected the driver could drive so slow and due to some jams along the way, and so we reached Ipoh around 6. Nothing much did after that, just dinner, tv, played a while with the puppies and off we slept.


Woke up quite early in the morning for the sake of going to the church. Church ended around 10:30 and off we went for breakfast at this particular Pan Mee stall (Angela’s favourite). The taste wasn’t so bad, still acceptable la XD. Went back home after that and did some shooting and the model were the puppies. So let the pictures do the talking.



Went out to get Angela’s mom a cake, but it turned out become 2 cakes for her birthday due to the 9th Anniversary of the cake house and it offered us buy 1 free 1, that’s cool. So we hided the cake in the car, and we headed to the restaurant that Angela’s dad has planned. Had our dinner there and there we surprised her with the cakes right after our dinner. And I shall let the pictures to do the talking again as to show you the atmosphere there.





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