Posted by: victchin | 22/03/2008

Feeling guilty…

I feel so guilty as the number that is hitting my blogs is increasing day by day but yet, I still haven’t been updating for the past 2 weeks after the very first entry? Let me do the summary.


Got invited by Jamie to Cineleisure Damansara for “Ah Long Pte. Ltd.”. According to her she has won a couple of tickets from the organizer Adverlets. The show was like some kind of screen preview as there were couple of the actors and actress of the movie turned up and watch the entire show with us in the same cinema, kinda cool right? I know, they are only local actors but who cares? I ada free ticket you ada tak?

Before I was on my way to the Cineleisure I received a call from Jamie saying that she has another extra ticket, so what else? of course I bring Angela along la. The show was at 9:30 and I really reached sharp at 9:30. Fortunately we still manage catch the opening of the show. The show was hilarious enough to keep yourself awake and your stomach to be in painful condition for the entire show. Got interviewed after the show about the movie and I do not know where can I get the clip and place it in my blog here. So just bear with the pictures la.



Been busy for the whole week for the Dota Competition organized by my club in college. Spending everyday being the judge and the photographer for the entire week. From the qualification rounds until today final. There were 16 teams of competitors and each and every team has 3 of them. The first prize is gonna be RM200 cash, I know it is not that much as compared to the WCG (Word Cyber Game) but hey, we’re just a club from a college okay? Well, I am not gonna post much about all the rounds but just final should be enough.


And the winner goes to the “UCSI’s Dive Club”. Heroes used were Warlock, Tourmentol Soul and Marina. Oh yeah, and some random shots while break. Enjoy! OH YEAH, of course a group picture after the event ended.



Went to a wedding dinner right after the event ended. Nothing much just another usual wedding dinner where you can see people dancing on the stage with the voice that being sent out by the speakers which really can pierce through your ear drums and making you hoping that the dinner will end faster. Walked around with my camera and there go another few shots.


Alright, It is kinda late now. Time to off.



  1. Victor! Didnt know u were back to blogging, im gonna link you up man 🙂

  2. eh still cant put up the cbox?

  3. Tidalflux: yea man, I’m gonna link you up too XD

    Danixxe: cannot oh, i pun tak tau kenapa


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