Posted by: victchin | 13/03/2008

Car Shooting

Just came back from a car shooting practice with Leonard as to achieve the requirements of being a car photographer for my friend a couple more weeks later. Went to this higher land of Sungai Long which is located right at the back of the section 4 area. This is the place where you can see the town and the sky clearly which really meet the requirements of my pictures in my mind. So well, gave a couple of shot with my car and just let the pictures do the talking.

I then dropped by at Leonard’s place for a while and gave another couple more shots at his place of the peaceful sky.



  1. Overall quite good pictures, but i’ve got to say when you wanna take pictures to focus on something. Don’t choose such a nice background. hehe =P

    It make me wanna look at the sky more often rather than the car. But somehow, the pictures make ur car look nicer than real-life.

  2. No Point la the car not as nice as the sky ma~ too bad~! =P

    Victor…. no skill la!~ ^^

  3. who say?!?
    I still think those photos are nicely taken lo….
    the sky is nice…but the car also not bad wut…

  4. wah, my dear is being so supportive… T.T


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