Posted by: victchin | 01/03/2008

Free Food Voucher pt.2

I don’t know what was wrong with my previous post, I couldn’t continue to type anything but to separate my entry into 2 parts. Well, after the heavy lunch we had Leonard sent my home and I rested for a while again and decided to drive Angela to Lot 10 again for our dinner as she was unable to make it on the next day. Reached home around 5 and went out again around 6. Parked my car at The Pavilion KL this time and bought movie tickets before we go on for our dinner.

Ordered Lamb Chop again, Japanese Fried Rice, Tong Sui and 2 bowls of soup. There I go again =SFinished our food on time and headed back to Pavilion for our movie, and thats my day which is loaded with foods.



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