Posted by: victchin | 29/02/2008

Free Food Voucher pt.1

You might have a question in your mind, where did I get those vouchers from? Well, those are just the annual free gifts for all the share holders of the YTL corporation. For your information, my grandpa holds plenty of the shares and the vouchers can only be used in Lot 10’s food court. Let’s cut the crap where did the vouchers come from as long as it can be used just like notes but just on food, who cares?

Went to KL with Leonard yesterday for the sake of finishing the voucers as I had RM100. How on earth can a person spend RM100 on food in a Food Court? Well, back on track. got back from college at around 1pm in the afternoon and rested for a while then gave Leonard a call and started our journey. Headed to Maju Junction to collect his new Identity Card first then only head to Lot 10. Parked our car at Times Square and start to search for the shop to service my camera lens. Been walking and asking around only find out the shop was closed down and moved to Low Yat Plaza. Walked over to Low Yat Plaza after that, and finally service my lens. Stomach starting to growl and leaded us to Lot 10. Food! the food there wasn’t as cheap as what we’ve expected, only both of us already spent RM60 on our food. Perhaps our appetite is kinda big. We ordered “Bakar Food” in Thai Corner, Sizzling Lamb Chop at Western Corner, Se Zuan Ramen and Prawn Fried Rice at Japanese Corner, and some “tong sui” for dessert.After some time of eating…And finally! all done…


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