Posted by: victchin | 22/02/2008

Valentine’s Day

How many of you guys out there are already taken? or how many of you guys were taken to a date or taking your partner to date? No offends to those who are still single. Well, basically a day before I went up all the way to Cameron with 2 of my friends to get a bouquet of roses for each of our girlfriends. My bouquet of roses were numbered at 24 and it was meaning 24hour/7 can’t stop thinking of you or something like that *shrugs*

Let see, started our journey right after our class at around 12. Spent approximately 3 hours in our journey, yeah it was really tiring especially the last hour on the hill roads up to the hill. Turning comes 1 after 1 and finally reached the top at around 3 something in the evening. Been to few places in the roses searching progress and finally just stopped by at a market which selling flowers the whole street. The price was impressive, as it was 3 times cheaper than KL. Not a bad choice to buy flowers for your partner at Cameron. Of course you wouldn’t wanna drive your car up yourself to Cameron just go get your partner some flowers by spending the tolls and petrols. If so, you as well just buy it in KL as it was just a waste of time, 6 hours in total going up and down. Oh, this is taking me out of topic.

Back on track, headed to Ipoh for Ipoh Chicken Rice for dinner as we would pass by Ipoh on the way back to the highway.

On the 14th, what did I do for my girlfriend? I placed the bouquet of roses on her bed while she was still in college to give her a suprise when she is back! of course she was suprised and I brought her to dinner at Nando’s and CJ7 for movie later on. Waited an hour for our meal to be served, memang macam tu la you know Valentine’s day? nothing much done after that and brought her back to my place and that’s our Valentine’s day.



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