Posted by: victchin | 20/02/2008

Its not ever YET…

Its been months I’ve not been laying my fingers on my babe and pay my blog a visit, how ya doing my old friend? I really dont’t know where to start off back with my blog. Well, went to the Chilling Falls which was located at Kuala Kubu Bahru about 2 or 3 weeks ago with a bunch of Sungai Longians. It was pretty much a good experience as we had to spend an hour plus to walk into the waterfall.

So one fine early morning we gathered at Shia Mink’s place at around 6:30am, waited for everyone to arrive untill 7.10am. A group picture taken quickly by Shawn before we departed to Kuala Kubu Bahru.
After and hour later after we started our journey, we stopped by at Rawang for our breakfast at a restaurant which has a weird name “Try To Eat”.
After our meal, we quickly headed towards Kuala Kubu Bahru which took us around 1 hour more if I am not mistaken. But we on the way, we stopped by at the Selangor Dam which was the size of an ocean.
Hung around and gave my camera a few shots of the nice landscape. The wind was blowing like mad.
And finally, a picture of all the DSLR users.
We left the Dam after we’ve done all our businesses and 15mins later, we finally arrived at Chilling Falls entrance only ya know? So while the jounrney into the waterfall, it was really like jungle tracking and we even crossed few rivers and the maximum level of the depth of the river was at my abdomen level.
After 1 hour of crossing rivers, climbing up and down on rocks, and hard time searching for the right direction of road and finally!
Spent approximately 3 hours there and had our lunch there, shoot pictures and of course swim!

not gonna explain what esle we did there, you know? what we usually do at waterfall? at last but not least, a group picture before an hour of journey back to our cars =S

PS: next entry “Valentines Day”



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