Posted by: victchin | 03/12/2007

A day to Mid Valley

Went to Mid Valley the other day with my cousin brother and cousin sister to hunt for dear’s Birthday present. We’ve walked through all the corners of Mid Valley and even Garden but still I got to get one for her. After a tired walk we decided to find some place to rest our legs a while. So we decided to go for a movie, we randomly selected “Balls of Fury” well, to me its because of Maggie Q la of course! *drools* went home after the movie and fetched cousins back to their own roof.
Stayed back at my cousin brother’s house for dinner. While waiting for dinner to be ready, I snapped a plenty of pictures of the baby looked after by my aunt. Cute she really was for a baby. How I wish to have one so that i can take pictures of him or her non stop at home and play with him or her. Really looking forward.



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