Posted by: victchin | 24/11/2007

Journey to the North…


Woke up 7 int the morning, got myself done and started my journey at 8am to Ipoh. Dear said that she missed me and that’s why I decided to look for her there. It took me 2 hours something to reach there as almost half of the road of the journey was under contructions which really delay my arrival. Reached dear’s house around 10:30 and guess what? She was still on her bed and answered my call with a rough voice (just woke up voice). And I was kinda shock with her “ke ba boom” hair =S check out the pictures later.

During the journey..yeah, I took this picture while I was driving..I know its dangerous..but still I manage to snapped
My dear’s first time NOT DIY manicure.. alright, sit back and enjoy! here comes the moment…*drum rolls*
Well, this is the tied up version..we then went over for our lunch and dear played with my camera during the ride. And these are the pictures…she prefers the first one but I personally prefer the second one..

Headed home after that, and had a short period of nap…and then dear brought me to Ipoh’s well known Hor Fun and Chicken rice…

A picture taken during the looks not bad to is it to you?
We then headed to Ipoh Parade for a movie “Beowulf” I would rate this movie to 3/5Headed home after the show and straight lie on bed and ZZZZZzzzzzzz

Went to eat pan mee for breakfast. Dear told me that the pan mee doesn’t really liked by most people that she introduced there but not to me. It turned out not as bad as expected though ^^ went home after that and snapped a picture of the flower in her garden and then balik rumah la!



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