Posted by: victchin | 17/11/2009

Back to Blogging…

Finally, I have 2 months break to enjoy do my Independent Proposal 2. Currently i’m having 2 months break mentally but physically these 2 months are just extra time for me to carry on with my Independent Project 2. So yeah, lets enjoy these 2 months holiday mentally =S.

Went to watch this show called the Fourth Kind yesterday with Angela and friends. This show is based on true story show talking about ET

The show was not bad and the sound effects make it kinda “scary” but not horror. I will rate this movie as 6/5

Before we went to meet up with Eddy and Huey Hsiang for the movie, me Angela and Ling had dinner at Secret Receipe first. I ordered these

Then Angela ordered this…

and Ling ordered this…

at last but not least..her new phone XD


Posted by: victchin | 23/06/2009

Life is busy

Sorry guys for not updating lately, I know it’s like forever that I’m not gonna update but hey, I will okay! just wait till the time hits on the right time =S weird sentence…but well, thats it..will be updating ASAP =S (I hope probably next month)

Posted by: victchin | 12/05/2009

New toy!

wow! what a long holiday for my blog and readers. As stated on the previous post, I have won myself a D90 kit. I just collected it last week and and I sold it in few days later to Gary but just the body only. So the lens is still with me but I will be selling it off. So anyone of you is interested in buying Nikkor 18-105 f.3.5-5.6? I’m letting it go for RM1100. Below are the pictures of the lens.




Where is my D90 pictures? oh well, I supposed myself snap a few pics of it but the pictures turned out to be like that….





So after selling my D90, I got myself a Nokia 5800 Express Music! It is just so awesome and it has all the functions that I need in it. Really satisfying for getting this phone.

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